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Road Trippin' Antigua

I visited Antigua & Barbuda in early 2021. I had just came from New York City where I was visiting friends, where it was very cold. I rented a vehicle and explored most of Antigua Island, as I was unable to visit Barbuda Island due to limited ferry service due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Antigua & Barbuda was my 53rd country visited.

Antigua & Barbuda islands both have many notable attractions. On Antigua, Shirley Heights Lookout is one of the most popular attractions which gives people a panoramic view of English Harbour.

Shirley Heights is a former gun battery commissioned by the Royal Navy, that was named after Sir Thomas Shirley, who strengthened Antigua's defenses in 1781.

Antigua had sugar-producing value and with Nelson's Dockyard (English Harbour), the island had important British commercial interests.

Shirley Heights overlooks the famous English Harbour, which its namesake comes from the Royal Navy and commercial ship presence in the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, the Harbour is home to beach resorts, huge yachts, and exuberant nightlife.

The Shirley Heights Lookout Restaurant & Bar is a great place to dine with a panoramic view of English Harbour and the surrounding area.

Shirley Heights is a great place to watch sunsets, and if one is lucky, they can spot the famous Green Flash while the sun is setting over the horizon. The Green Flash is a green jet of light that covers the horizon as the sun sets:

Dow's Hill Interpretation Centre (Dow's Hill Fortification) is a set of fortifications that were established in 1789 to secure the ridge overlooking Nelson's Dockyard and to protect English Harbour from foreign invaders.

It was designed by the Royal Engineers and included Archibald Dow's house. Dow was appointed Dockyard Storekeeper in 1771:

Galleon Beach is a nice, quaint beach located in English Harbour and is home to notable luxury beach resorts.

It is a hotspot for snorkeling, sailing, turtle sightings, and just relaxation.

There are several nearby trails including the Jones Valley Trail, Lookout Trail, and Carpenters Rock Trail that hikers can explore the area with:

Half Moon Bay is a cove in the shape of, well, a half moon. It is located on the southeastern part of Antigua island.

Half Moon Bay has one of the best beaches in Antigua, and is listed as the #3-ranked attraction of Antigua and Barbuda by U.S. News & World Report.

There are hotels and resorts nearby that gives visitors convenient access to this gem. Local vendors provide food and beverages for the all-day excursions:

I enjoyed road trippin' around Antigua, especially when I had the Jeep. It was so nice and refreshing with the the tropical island breeze and sunny weather to accommodate it all. I recommend renting a Jeep when traveling to Antigua Island, to get around the rugged roads.

This is a Mini Dox film about my time there...


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