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Port Moresby Nature Park

Papua New Guinea was my last trip I took before I finished my teaching contract with my school in Wuhan in 2019, and was my 44th country visited.

I had recently visited the Fiji Islands and the Solomon Islands.

I booked a room at the Grand Papua Hotel with an extravagant view of the Coral Sea and the sunrises I witnessed every morning there were breathtaking, and helped me start my days with positivity:

One of the places I visited while I was in Port Moresby was the Port Moresby Nature Park. I'm a fan of nature and animals and this place was very well kept, and had a wide variety of unique flora and fauna that are unique to that part of the world:

I was in Port Moresby for about 3 days during my first visit, but next time I plan on staying longer and seeing more of the city and more of the country.

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