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Hello, my name is Jeff. Thank you for visiting I won't bore you with my life story just yet, but I will say that I hope that you will join me and keep up with my blog as I travel to every country in the world. My goal is to inspire and encourage others to travel more and see all of what this great big world has to offer. I plan on doing this with my blog by promoting travel education. My philosophy is simple. Life is too short to stay in one spot. You only have one life to live and you should strive to make it the best life possible. Travel keeps a person forever young because they are always experiencing something new. There is no better life than traveling the world and getting paid for it. The freedom that comes with travel is priceless. A cultural education is the best kind of education. A digital nomad's life is a life of adventure, uncertainty, and inspiration. Live it up. 

If you're gonna live, LIVE!!!

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