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Facebook Marketing

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Facebook is a powerful marketing tool with about 3 billion users worldwide and my Facebook Page, Outcast Vagabond, now has 150K+ subscribers. I post travel media content every day on it, and I also offer paid brand placement posts for those interested in increasing their brand awareness. My simple pay scale is as follows;

1) 1 Facebook Post- $25 USD
2) 4 Facebook Posts- $85 USD
3) 10 Facebook Posts- $200 USD

If you're interested in posting on Outcast Vagabond via Facebook, you can contact me at I will add whatever text you want me to, including backlinks to your business or whatever you want to direct my followers to. I also record live broadcasts of concerts and other events for a fee, depending on multiple factors.

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YouTube Logo Website.png

I'm always looking for brands to partner with in my projects that I'm working on. I have several different video series that I put together, from time to time. The one that I'm most currently active with is my "Road Trippin' USA" project, which is an ongoing 50,000 plus-mile, 50-state road trip that I started in July, 2020 and still continues today. I've been able to visit several national parks, charming small towns, bustling big cities, vast mountain ranges, pristine coastal beaches, etc. I have teken several notable USA road trip routes which include the Appalachian Trail, Southern Pacific, Pacific Coast Highway, Rocky Mountain Trail, Overseas Highway, and others throughout the United States. I often sleep at truck stops (in my vehicle), at campgrounds, at friend's homes, and in hotels and hostels. This has been an inspiring journey on the American roads as I've been able to see the best of the best of the USA on 4 wheels. 

I'm currently looking for brand partners and brand sponsors to include in the episodes that I will be producing in July from this magnificent journey. Currently, all promotional packages are customized to suit the needs and wants of businesses and individuals relative to the travel industry, or non-travel industries. I use my social media accounts with my travel brand, Outcast Vagabond, to offer exposure through paid promotions using Facebook Business, Google Ads, etc., which come in the form of videos, articles, photos, etc. Email me for more details at

Also, see the general proposal below that I'm offering with respect to both projects for marketing opportunities. 





















The "Heritage" project, which was a 20,000-mile, 25-state road trip that I took in mid-2019, which consisted of 15 Southern states, 10 Western states, and a month for each of them on the road. I recorded as much of the journey as I possibly could with my digital equipment to give viewers as much of a practical experience as possible, and to be able to relive the experience as I did with storytelling based on historical facts. 

I learned more about my country, as an American, in two months, than I had in my previous 40 years of life. 

I visited historic battlefields from the American Revolutionary War and American Civil War in the South. 

I visited Native American Indian reservations and small cow towns from the Old West in the West. 

I visited several other cultural and historic attractions in all the states I visited to provide an educational experience.

I'm currently releasing the rough cut vlogs from the trip. I'm doing this to gather invaluable, constructive feedback from viewer so that I can correct errors and adjust them for production of the "final cuts." 

I will publish the final cuts of Volume 1 (South) and Volume 2 (West) in coming months. 

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Road Trippin' USA: A Travel Adventure Series Thumbnail

YouTube Marketing


Heritage: A Travel Campaign Thumbnail 

Both of these are major projects that will be heavily promoted on my YouTube channel and other platforms. 

I have different levels of sponsorship that I am offering to brands, businesses, and individuals who wish to be included in these projects. I will choose 6 brands, altogether, for each project, which each will have at least a 5-second frame in the beginning or the end of each vlog. 


One Platinum-level sponsor will be included as the first brand in each vlog, during the first 10 seconds, in a 5-second frame, which is what most viewers will be exposed to. The Platinum-level sponsor will also be mentioned at the end with the  5-minute to 10-minute informational video that I will include, in which I will wear a hat and a shirt with the brand name and logo and mention the brand in my comments.  


The Gold-level sponsor will be included in the beginning of each vlog, during the first 10 seconds, as the second 5-second frame. The Silver-level sponsor will be included in the beginning of each vlog, during the first 10 seconds, as the third 5-second frame. The 3 Bronze-level sponsors will be included in the end of each vlog, during the last 10 seconds, as the fourth, fifth, and sixth sponsorship frames. 

Pricing for different levels of sponsorship are yet to be determined, but if you are interested in being a part of my project, then feel free to contact me anytime at or simply send me a message via the "contact" page of this website. I will respond to you as soon as possible to discuss doing business with you. 

A part of each sponsors endorsement will go toward an aggressive marketing campaign on YouTube and Facebook.


There are additional video series that I am also working on, that are ongoing projects, which can be found on my YouTube channel, "Outcast Vagabond," which include my Signature Series (Destination Guides), Travel Campaigns (Travel Documentaries), Mini Dox (Miniature Documentaries), Drone Reels, Fun Travel Shorts, GoPro Adventures, and Road Trippin' USA as a new series on my YouTube channel. 

I will also mention brands (sponsors) on my Facebook Page and Twitter feed as a part of sponsorship

And I will also write articles and include brands (sponsors) in those pieces as well as a part of sponsorship.

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas on how your brand can work with my brand, Outcast Vagabond, feel free to contact me anytime at or simply send me a message via the "contact" page of this website. I look forward to hearing from you and working with on helping your brand get maximum exposure from my travels. I've been to over 100 countries and I aim to travel to all 197 countries, or die trying. 

Let's work together and help each other create great travel media content while promoting each other. 

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