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Hudson River

While filming my "Road Trippin' USA" project on the Appalachian Trail, one of the key stops I made was at Bear Mountain State Park in New York, which sits on the historic and beautiful Hudson River.

The Hudson River was named for Henry Hudson, an English merchant who sailed for the Dutch East India Company. Henry explored the River in 1609.

When the British took control of the Hudson Valley from the Dutch in 1664, it became largely known for agricultural activity with many farms on the west side, and manors on the east side.

The Hudson River was of great value during the American Revolution, as many notable battles took place around it that include the Battle of Long Island (August, 1776), Battle of Harlem Heights (September, 1776), Battle of White Plains (October, 1776), along with several other engagements.

The United States Military Academy (West Point) is close to where this footage was captured, just beyond the Bear Mountain Bridge that's seen in the video.

Bear Mountain State Park, where this footage was captured, is a New York state park that offers camping, fishing, biking, hiking, swimming, ice skating, cross country skiiing, and other activities. #RoadTrippinUSA#AppalachianTrail #NewYork #DroneReels


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