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Manila American Cemetery & Memorial

World War 2 was a global conflict that involved multiple nations that consisted of the Allies and the Axis powers, along with other entities who supported either one of these major groups. The War lasted from 1939 to 1945 and claimed a total of between 35 and 60 million lives.

Over 17,000 of those who died are buried in Manila, Philippines.

The Manila American Cemetery & Memorial was established in 1948 and 16,859 U.S. servicemen are buried there, along with a few hundred Filipinos. These troops fought in New Guinea and in the Philippines. It is managed by the American Battle Monuments Commission:

The Complex, aside from the Cemetery, also has a Visitor's Center with an elaborate Museum with information about the history of WW2 and the Pacific Theater, with a focus on the Philippines.

I was there in search of a soldier from Corinth, Mississippi for a friend of mine from Corinth. In the vlog, I mention Tupelo, Mississippi by mistake but I correct it later when I find the gravesite of the soldier. There are also a few small audio glitches but no big deal.

I enjoyed spending a good couple hours or so there with my girlfriend.

I highly recommend checking this place out, whether you're partial to someone buried there or not, or your a veteran or not, or an American or not. It's a place that anyone can benefit from in many ways.

Manila American Cemetery & Memorial:


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