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Ciudad Colonial

Ciudad Colonial (Colonial City) is a historic colonial neighborhood in Santo Domingo, in the Domnican Republic, and is the oldest colonial area in Latin America that has been continuously inhabited.

Santo Domingo was founded by Bartholemew Colombus, brother of Christopher Colombus, in 1496. It was claimed for the Spanish Crown.

Ciudad Colonial was a critical Spanish hub that was used by the Spaniards to conquer other territories in Latin America to expand the Empire.

The Spanish were able to fend off an attack by the British in 1655, led by English officers William Penn and Robert Venables. Santo Domingo remained under Spanish control until Dominican independence in 1821.

Today, Ciudad Colonial offers many great tourist attractions including Casa de Hernán Cortés, Calle Las Damas, Calle El Conde, Fuerte de San José, along with many other places of interest.


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