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Heritage Travel Campaign-Part 12 (Jamestown & Yorktown)

Part 12 of my "Heritage" travel campaign.

I visited the historic colonial settlements of Jamestown and Yorktown, which are both a part of America's Historic Triangle, along with Williamsburg, all in Virginia.

Jamestown was the first English settlement in North America, founded in 1607 (although often disputed with the founding of Roanoke Colony in 1586), and was established by the Virginia Company of London as "James Fort" on May 4th. Jamestown served as the colonial capital from 1616 to 1699. Much of the original settlement is still intact today. Jamestown tells the story of legendary people, John Smith and Pocahontas.

Yorktown was one of eight original settlements that were established in colonial Virginia in 1682. It was a prominent port during both the American Revolution and the American Civil War. However, it is best known as the location where General (Lord) Cornwallis of the British surrendered to General George Washington of the Continentals at the Siege of Yorktown on October 19th, 1781. This event was instrumental in the Americans winning their Independence from Great Britain and becoming the United States of America in 1783 (though July 4th, 1776 is the official date).

I missed Williamsburg this visit, but I'll see it, eventually.

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