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Heritage Travel Campaign-Part 11 (Richmond, Virginia)

Part 11 of my "Heritage" travel campaign.

I visited the White House of the Confederacy, the American Civil War Museum, and the Robert E. Lee Memorial in downtown Richmond, Virginia.

The White House of the Confederacy was the counterpart to the White House in Washington, D.C., during the American Civil War. Jefferson Davis, the only Confederate president, resided there with his wife, Varina, and their 6 children from 1861-1865. The house is operated by the American Civil War Museum, which is located in the Richmond area. The house still maintains its original integrity to this day, as most of the items present are originals that were actually used by the Davis' (and others).…/our-story/museum-...

The American Civil War Museum has three locations, one at the White House of the Confederacy, another at Historic Tredegar, and a third in Appomattox, Virginia. I visited two out of three and the Historic Tredegar location is by far the best Civil War museum that I had ever visited. It has an elaborate collection of Civil War artifacts, as well as touch screens that one can use to navigate their way through certain events and learn more about those events in detail. There are small theater rooms that show short films about key moments in the War. There are audio reenactments as you walk through the museum, which is in chronilogical order from 1861-1865.

I visited the Robert E. Lee Memorial, which features a 14-foot statue of Lee. The Memorial is close to Stuart Circle, which features a 15-foot statue of J.E.B. Stuart, a prominent Confederate cavalry commander.

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