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Heritage Travel Campaign-Part 6 (Savannah History Museum & Fort Sumter)

Part 6 of my "Heritage" travel campaign.

I visited the Savannah History Museum and learned about the history of the city throughout the centuries, dating back to 1733. Savannah was a notable city during the American Revolution, as it served as Georgia's British colonial capital. It also played a prominent role in the American Civil War.

I headed up to Charleston, South Carolina to witness Fort Sumter, an old coastal sea fortress that started being constructed in 1829 in ongoing effort to secure U.S. borders from a foreign invasion, like what happened during the War of 1812.

Fort Sumter is where the "first shot" of the Civil War occurred.

Fort Sumter saw two Civil War battles, in 1861 and 1863, both resulting in Confederate victories. However, General Sherman captured the fort in 1865 after his Union army captured Charleston during "Sherman's March."

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